Author: cyberjared

  • Handyman! Who knew?

    The other day, just in time for our month Iron Chef dinner parties, our oven decided to die on us. The burners worked fine but after several hours of baking a ham, it still hadn’t finished pre-heating. So it wasn’t totally dead, but in the words of Princess Bride, it was “mostly dead”. So after […]

  • Financial Stupidity or Intention

    This is a very interesting article about the current economic situation and how the people who should know better could be so silly:

  • Why I Didn’t Like the Dark Knight

    Yes, I finally got around to seeing the Dark Knight last night. They joys of having a 2 year old! Before I get around to explaining my disagreements, I should start out by saying that as far as acting and accomplishing an emotional reaction, I thought the movie was very good. And I can definitely […]

  • Writing Again

    One of my goals for the year is to try to get another book written. As part of that I figured I would post some of my writing up here as I worked on it. One caveat though for those of you expecting a sequential set of posts that culminate in a book: that’s not […]

  • Iron Chef Nights

    Several years ago when Chris and I worked at the Delphian School, we hosted Tuesday night dinners with the other you staff. There was a group of us that would have dinner each Tuesday and trade off cooking. It was a lot of fun. But then we moved farther away and some of the other […]

  • Gas Prices

    I think it’s funny (though not really) that we now view gas prices around $3.25 as low. What a joke! It’s definitely lower that the $4 we were approaching/hit, but it’s still ridiculously high. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that gas is quick to follow the increase in the price of barrels of oil, […]

  • Dealing with Daphne

    I don’t know if this is true for all kids, but I remember Brett going through this phase and Daphne is definitely going through it. It’s the phase of “deal making”. She understands well enough now that we can really talk with her. So now when we want her to do things we can tell […]

  • Daphne’s Learning to Talk

    Daphne’s really starting to learn to talk. Before it was a word here and a word there. But she’s picking up about a word (maybe more) per day. She’s starting to work on two-syllable words and joining them together to better get her point across. Sometimes I have a really hard time understanding her because […]

  • Canceled Flights

    I’m once again off to DC for work, but on the way this morning I got a call from the person that booked my ticket for me that the airline had changed my itinerary and I was going to spend the whole day and night in airports and airplanes and not get there until tomorrow […]

  • Extreme Programming

    For those of you that don’t know “extreme programming” is actually a real term that has to with a certain method of programming that follows certain rules and tries to make projects as successful as possible. But I don’t mean that. Those of you who know me technically know that I can get a very […]