Dealing with Daphne

I don’t know if this is true for all kids, but I remember Brett going through this phase and Daphne is definitely going through it. It’s the phase of “deal making”. She understands well enough now that we can really talk with her. So now when we want her to do things we can tell her and she will usually do them as he’s very into trying to “he[l]p”. But there are sometimes when we really need to make sure she gets something, or it’s something we think it’s unlikely that she’ll just accept or do. On these occasions, we’ve started to explain things to her really well in succint steps and get her to agree to each step. It’s very cute.


Mom/Dad: “We’re going to put your shoes on now, but you have to keep them on, ok?”

Daphne: “K”

M/D: “We will get food, but first we have to buckle the car seat, ok?”

Daphne: “K”

M/D: “I’m going to go to the bathroom and you need to stay here, ok?”

D: “K”

M/D: “And you can’t cry, ok?”

D: “K”

And she does a really good job of keeping her word. She tries really hard to do what she’s agree to do or not to do. It’s sooo cute to watch her try not to cry when she has agreed not to. She gets this HUGE bottom lip and holds it back as long as she can. It really makes you not want to go do what it was that you needed to leave to do.

Daphne’s Learning to Talk

Daphne’s really starting to learn to talk. Before it was a word here and a word there. But she’s picking up about a word (maybe more) per day. She’s starting to work on two-syllable words and joining them together to better get her point across. Sometimes I have a really hard time understanding her because I am trying to figure out what she is saying using on the words that I think she knows, but she is actually saying something totally different using words that I didn’t think she knew yet. It’s quite exciting and very cute.

Parks–International and Universal

I took Daphne to our local park this morning to play. She has just discovered swinging and has learned how to go up and down the slides on her own (so she doesn’t wear her poor old dad out carrying her from the bottom to the top a million times!)

While we were there another dad stopped in with his daughter, who was about seven. She was playing and I chatted with him for a second until they had to leave. He pointed out that it didn’t matter about the age of the kids–they all liked the park. And judging from his accent and what he was saying to his daughter, he was French. I hadn’t thought about it before, but it’s true. Pretty much all kids like to go to the park and play with other kids, and I’m sure that love of playing extends to all countries, races and cultures.