Getting Started

All right! This is my first real post on this blog. I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for a long time, but I finally sat down and bought the name and set it up. So here we go.

I figured I would just blog about anything that occurred to me to blog about. I am a computer person so I’ll probably post some about that. I have a beautiful daughter growing up so I’ll probably post about that as well reference the various posts on my wife’s blog that are really where we have a running record of all of the cool things my daughter has figured out how to accomplish (she’s six months old). I’ll also probably post my ideas on health topics as that’s something that I deal with a lot having Ulcerative Colitis and on politics and other random things that pop into my mind.

Who knows what I’ll talk about, but I hope that those of you that decide to read get something out of it. I’m really looking forward to getting my thoughts out there instead of just thinking them and having them have no effect whatsoever.