Creative Genius

They say that all creation involves some destruction. If that destruction comes at the beginning of the creation (or before it to pave the way), my daughter is going to be a creative genius. She’s a little over one year old and her favorite past time is taking things apart or finding areas that have been carefully cleaned and launching into them with the utmost curiosity. It’s all very cute and I know she learns a ton from it, but I was thinking about it today and if the creation in commensurate in later life, she’s going to be a VERY creative person.

Beginning Failures

My wife is currently in the progress to building a little outside house for her two bunnies. She’s new to the whole architecture thing and so is having a lot of trouble (not that I am much better), so I went out to see if I could help at all. She was very frustrated and it made me think of the many things that are (or at least seem so) hard when you first start and the number of failures that you have to be willing to go through to be proficient. To her credit, she’s not giving up and just takes it apart and puts it back together a different way. It makes me wonder how many abilities we would all have if we never gave up due to those initial failures and just persisted.