Handyman! Who knew?

The other day, just in time for our month Iron Chef dinner parties, our oven decided to die on us. The burners worked fine but after several hours of baking a ham, it still hadn’t finished pre-heating. So it wasn’t totally dead, but in the words of Princess Bride, it was “mostly dead”.

So after lamenting the possibility of having to buy a new oven, I decided to look online and see what I could find out. I found out that it’s usually the baking element (that wire thing at the bottom in an electric oven) having problems if the oven won’t ever come up to temperature. So I opened up the oven and checked the element. It looked a little funny, so I touched it. It fell apart. Guess that needed some help.

So we went on Ebay and ordered the part. It showed up today and I took out the old one and put in the new one (go me!). I turned on the oven and there was heat. So now we just have to be able to cook a meal and not have the house burn down and I’ll feel it was a success.

Here’s a shot of the old heating element.