Additional Reason OHSU is Great

A couple weeks ago, I went to OHSU for a kidney stone (a drawback from long term prednisone use to try to control my colitis) and while I was there, the nurse gave my daughter a Beanie Baby to play with. We were very impressed and my wife wasn’t totally sure that she got to keep it–she did.

And then I was back a week or so later to get the kidney stone removed, the first visit was just for pain and we found out that it was in fact my massive kidney stone (about 7mm, which for those of you that don’t know is a good sized stone). Anyway, I was in the elevator with a family and the little boy had a Beanie Baby with a tag, so it was brand new. I thought of the one they gave my daughter and realized that they must just have a huge stash of them that they give out to kids while they have to wait for someone else to have some procedure done. I think that is great. It’s very considerate. Our local hospital doesn’t do that. When I went there for a previous kidney stone, we just had to sit around and entertain my daughter without anything really there to do it with.

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