No TV, No Problem

The other day my wife and I were discussing a situation where we could save money each month by switching cell phone providers. And one thing that came up was that we might be able to cancel our internet and just use our phones (turns out this won’t work–oh well). And she brought up canceling our TV (since it’s in a package with the internet). My kneejerk reaction was that we couldn’t do that. We had to have TV. At least the basic package. But then I looked at it. I’ve been reading a lot since I had my surgery and have hardly watched any TV. In fact, TV is rather boring now. I’ve used it a couple of times to fall asleep–turn on some movie or TV show that I’ve seen before and out I go. Anyway, I realized that I don’t really care if we have TV or not. I still like to watch movies every once in a while, but we have lots of movies and can get NetFlix if we need to get some more (with a one-year-old watching movies is a luxury my wife and I don’t really enjoy anymore 🙂 And my wife has her couple of shows that she likes to watch, but she just watches them on the internet while she nurses. And for other TV shows we have been watching them on DVD, which is much better because you can start at the beginning and work your way through at your own pace.

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