Shower Dog

I have a funny dog, and I really like him. He’s a pug. We rescued (got him from a rescue organization) him a couple of years ago and he’s come a long way from being in total terror to being quite a dufus. He gets overly excited when people come to the house or we come home. He’s still very good with my daughter and patiently sits there while she pulls on him and gives him “hugs” and grabs his paws.

But one of the funniest things about him is his love of bath water. In our old condo, he would leap into the bathtub after we had taken a shower and lick up any spare water. And now that we have a separate shower and tub and the tub is too tall for him to get in, he still tries to break into the shower to slurp up any leftover water. You’d think we don’t ever let him drink. But we do. Maybe we could have a better set up (he has to go outside to get his water because having a water bowl inside with a one-year-old just doesn’t work unless you really like to mop), but he will go get this water right after he has been outside with his water bowl. It’s just something he likes to do.

Silly dog!

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