Niceness of People

It really is amazing how nice people in general are. When you don’t feel well, you can start to get pretty pessimistic about things, but over the last couple weeks people’s generosity has really shined through and renewed my faith in mankind. Once I hit the hospital doors, people necessity to help really has kicked in. I had lots of people stop by the hospital. One night having an entire birthday party stop in on their way to the restaurant and staying for more than an hour. We’ve also had people stop by the house to help since I’ve been home and an online group that Chris is part of has decided that they are going to help us with some frozen dinners so that we don’t have to cook them.

I really appreciate all the help from everyone and it’s so nice to see humanity at its best in caring for each other. I only hope that I can return the favor when I get back to battery.

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