Positive Motion

These next many posts are going to be a bit random, but I wanted to get some things down and start blogging again, so here goes.

The first thing that I find very exciting is that I am up near my “pre-disaster” body weight. Prior to this whole body situation a couple of years ago, I used to hover around 130-135 no matter what. I could eat a ton or nothing and would still be the same. But over the past couple of years I have dropped dramatically. One time crossing below the 100 pound mark (not good for a guy almost 6 feet tall). And then I was only able to get up to 115. I haven’t been able to cross that no matter what.

Now I realize that I am on heavy meds and that some of the weight is water weight, but WHO CARES!! I am over 115 and back up to about 129/130. That’s very exciting to me. It’s very interesting to touch the back of my neck and actually feel some flesh there instead of just the bones (which I am so used to feeling over the past couple years).

It’s motion in the right direction. And I’m still able to eat like a horse, so maybe I’ll keep shoving the food in with the IV nutrition and get above and beyond to some new record weight. That would just make my day (probably a couple of them)!

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