Indiana Jones again

I’m a big Indiana Jones fan. In fact my wife bought me the dvds years ago as a birthday present. But since we have a very active one year old, we haven’t really been able to go to the movies much over the past several months. But I wanted to see Indiana Jones on the big screen.

I kept trying to go “before” other things but it never worked out. I was going to go see it the night before we went to NY. I was going to see it the afternoon before my wife went to visit her sister (even made it to the theater, but they started their summer schedule the next day and so were still closed).

I mentioned going tonight because I figured it was going to be leaving the theaters and I would have missed it (it turns out I was wrong and it will still be there next week). I wasn’t really that serious, but Chris wanted to make sure I got to see it in the theaters (what a wife I have). So she took me to the theater and dropped me off while she took Daphne to some kind of seminar nearby. She had to kill some time in Mac, but it seemed to work out well.

Anyway, even though I went by myself like a nerd, it was totally worth it. I know the critics are saying it’s bad, but it’s pure Indiana Jones. Right down to the fake sound effects for each punch. It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And the other part I was impressed with was the story and the writing. A lot of research had to go into that story and into the design of the sets to make them work. Even if it’s not “historically accurate” or “realistic”, I was definitely impressed. And being an author myself, it made me really want to get started on writing again.

So, to sum up, I heartily recommend spending the time and money to go see it if you haven’t already.

2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones again

  1. I totally enjoyed it too–as an Indiana Jones movie. A lot of people forget the “campyness” of the original movies. They totally have their own style and I thought they did a great job of keeping the style for the latest one. One person was complaining about even the title, and I told him, “Oh come on, like the titles of the first ones weren’t ridiculous too! ‘The Temple of Doom!'” It’s just part of the style, which I love.

    And on going to the movies by yourself, I go to movies by myself all the time. I usually go to the late, late shows, like at 10:00pm or 10:30pm. I like it because there’s hardly ever anyone else in the theater (maybe 3 or 4 people total). I also usually go to the late shows because it’s after my kids are in bed. 🙂 If you’re up for a late show sometime for a movie you’ve been wanting to see, let me know. I usually go to the Sherwood theater because they show more movies later and the theater rooms are better.

  2. We’ll definitely have to hit the movies sometime. I hadn’t thought of going after everyone was asleep. Though I might have to practice staying up late to be able to keep up with you 🙂 I know you operate on like half as much sleep as I do.

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