I little while I was having some fun looking at words and what they really mean or how they got named what they did. For example, “pancake” is just a pancake until you actually think about it, and then it really is a little cake that is made in a pan. This is especially true of a bunch of food words like “pot roast”, but there are other ones also (and various alterations based on cultural differences). One other one I heard on the BBC was “power hose” (“power wash” in US English). I thought that was funny, because it really is power washing. And then there’s all sorts of technical words like “e-mail”–who thinks of it as “electronic mail” anymore. It’s just “email”, it doesn’t even have to have the hyphen anymore!

Anyway, just a funny observation of the way words come to be and then how the fundamental roots get lost as we become accustomed to the words.

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