Wednesday night Chris informed me that I was going rafting on Friday. I had been waffling on whether I should go and she just pushed me over the edge. So off I went Thursday evening with some friends to meet up with some other friends and camp in Maupin before we went out on the river.

It’s been probably a decade or more since I’ve been camping, so it was neat to get everything out again and go (since I used to go camping regularly). And now that I’m feeling better, it was quite enjoyable to stay up until past midnight playing “Mafia” and joking around.

Then, thanks to a bird that embodies the reason shotguns were created, we woke up early and got some breakfast and killed some time before heading off to meet up with even more people before being bussed to the drop off. In total 24 of us ended up going out on the river for about 5 hours.

I had a great time, even when I was thrown off the boat while fighting off an “invader” from one of the other boats. And since this is a trip that is done a couple times each year, I’m looking forward to next year when I can go again.

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