Linux vs. Windows

There are many things that I have yet to run into in the Linux world since I mostly a Windows guy. But since I make web sites, I end up having to deal with servers that run Linux. Anyway, today I ran into something that just had me boggled until I figured it out. I was working on a web site that had a slide show of stair photos and I couldn’t get all of the photos to load. I could on my computer, but not on the live site. After beating my head against the wall, I finally figured it out: some of the photos had capitalized extensions (.JPG) instead of lowercase (.jpg). Once I noticed this and remembered that Linux is case-sensitive and Windows isn’t, it was an easy fix. It’s just one of the many small differences between Linux and Windows. There are many more (some good, some bad), but that’s the one I was confronted with today.

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