Father’s Day

It’s fathers day. I’ve been around for a bunch of fathers days, but this is my first one as a dad (ok, last year I had a daughter too, but I was really sick so it doesn’t really count). Now that I have that perspective, I can really understand why this counts as a holiday and what it means to be a father, dad, papa, whatever you call it.

So I just wanted to say Happy Fathers day. I’ve already wished my dad a happy fathers day over the phone as he definitely deserves it for his “years of supportive service in the role of dad” 🙂

Surgery and new blog

As many of you know, I had ulcerative colitis for many years and it really caused many problems. Recently I had a surgery, called a colectomy with ileostomy, which has handled the situation terminatedly. Anyway, I avoided doing this surgery for many years, and I don’t know that I would have done it any other way, but I did finally end up having the surgery and things have been going very well since.

So, to give others another source of data about the surgery and what possible effects it may have on their lives, I have created another blog, http://ostomyMan.com. There are many sources of technical information about the surgery but very few sources of real life data about what it does on a more personal level, so I wanted to help fill that void with my new blog.

Women and Golf

Yesterday I went golfing for the first time in a long time. Regardless of my golf game (I actually did pretty well considering my lack of practice), I was noticing the couple golfing behind us while I was waiting for the rest of my family to tee off. It was a husband and wife (though I figured they were just dating when I first saw them). She obviously had never played golf before, but she was out there trying her best.

What I was most impressed by was the fact that she was willing to go out there and play despite being terrible (though she did get a birdie on the last and hardest hole). I know that I’m not that great, but I don’t think I would be able to go out and play some sport I hadn’t ever played before in front of the person I was dating/married to. I would just be too embarassed.

Anyway, I was just impressed by women’s ability/willingness to do things that would totally embarrass me.

Here comes the bride…

I’m solo for a few days while Chris and Daphne are over visiting Chris’ sister and her new baby, so I was finishing up the movie 27 Dresses today while I ate lunch (I fell asleep when Chris and I were watching–no, it’s a cute movie, I was just tired). Anyway, at the end there is a scene with a wedding and the dad of the bride is there with her as she gets ready to walk down the aisle. While I was watching this I realized that someday I’ll get to do that with my little girl. Though it’s probably 20 or more years down the road and she won’t be so little when it happens, it was a cool thought and just one more cool thing that I’ll be able to do with her.

Linux vs. Windows

There are many things that I have yet to run into in the Linux world since I mostly a Windows guy. But since I make web sites, I end up having to deal with servers that run Linux. Anyway, today I ran into something that just had me boggled until I figured it out. I was working on a web site that had a slide show of stair photos and I couldn’t get all of the photos to load. I could on my computer, but not on the live site. After beating my head against the wall, I finally figured it out: some of the photos had capitalized extensions (.JPG) instead of lowercase (.jpg). Once I noticed this and remembered that Linux is case-sensitive and Windows isn’t, it was an easy fix. It’s just one of the many small differences between Linux and Windows. There are many more (some good, some bad), but that’s the one I was confronted with today.

Traveling Woes

Chris and I went to New York last week. We had a great time putting around doing the tourist thing with Chris’ family friend George. He was great. Took us to all sorts of neat places and out on a boat on a tour of things that most people will never see. But our trip home wasn’t so good. We were booked on an afternoon flight out of JFK on American Airlines. We were supposed to go to San Diego and then get a connecting flight on Alaska to come home.

So we kept Daphne awake the whole day until we got on the airplane so that she would take a good long nap. We figured we might make it easier that way, though she wasn’t so happy about it when we wouldn’t let her take a nap in the car on the way to the airport. Anyway, she did take a nap, but it wasn’t a very long one. So mommy and I got to do a lot of entertaining after she woke up.

Anyway, she did pretty well, but due to weather our plane was quite late getting in, and we missed our connection (the gate guy said we would have missed it even if we had been on time because the flights were booked so close together). Besides the ludicrousness of flying from NY to San Diego to get to Portland, we weren’t thrilled to find out that there weren’t any other flights that day.

So then we had to be put up in a hotel for the evening and were given $30 in airport dollars to buy dinner and breakfast. Needless to say, that bought a tiny dinner at the airport’s Pizza Hut. Then the reservation at the hotel was lost/confused so it took many phone calls to many different people to finally get that sorted out and get to the hotel room. We were able to sleep for a while and then we got up to go back to the airport to catch the first flight out. While we were waiting for the shuttle, we checked out of the hotel and there was a message from AA confirming our flight and wishing Chris a happy b-day. I was very surprised by this. We had mentioned it while fussing about our flight being missed, but it was a very nice customer service touch in the midst of the confusion/problems caused by the flight being late.

We did end up making it home. A bit late and really tired, but we’re home safe and sound. But I think it will be a while before we are taking too many more airplane flights with little children.

Creative Genius

They say that all creation involves some destruction. If that destruction comes at the beginning of the creation (or before it to pave the way), my daughter is going to be a creative genius. She’s a little over one year old and her favorite past time is taking things apart or finding areas that have been carefully cleaned and launching into them with the utmost curiosity. It’s all very cute and I know she learns a ton from it, but I was thinking about it today and if the creation in commensurate in later life, she’s going to be a VERY creative person.

Beginning Failures

My wife is currently in the progress to building a little outside house for her two bunnies. She’s new to the whole architecture thing and so is having a lot of trouble (not that I am much better), so I went out to see if I could help at all. She was very frustrated and it made me think of the many things that are (or at least seem so) hard when you first start and the number of failures that you have to be willing to go through to be proficient. To her credit, she’s not giving up and just takes it apart and puts it back together a different way. It makes me wonder how many abilities we would all have if we never gave up due to those initial failures and just persisted.

Global Warming is Bunk

I never thought much of all of the “global warming” hype. But it’s almost April and it’s snowing on the valley floor in Oregon. Come on. Rain-yes. Snow-Not my cup of tea in this quantity (a lot is fun to play in–just a bit is just cold). Any diehard global warming supporters should just come sit on my porch right now in their shorts and prepare for the end to come, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a cold one rather than a warm one here!

Eating Whatever

I had Ulcerative Colitis for about a decade. In that time I tried endless things to handle it, including various diets. None of these worked for me, but I did learn over the years which foods I had to avoid because they inevitably caused problems: broccoli, seeds, certain tomato products when I wasn’t feeling perfectly, etc. I was also very good about eating sugar (I hardly ever had any). I gave up sodas and junk food entirely. Occasionally I would use a little candy if I hadn’t eaten and my blood sugar was getting too low (for the last while I was too thin to have any kind of fat reserve).

But since I’ve had the surgery I can eat WHATEVER! It’s great. People are used to me having limitations so I’ve been asked a couple of times what I could eat. And now I reply, “WHATEVER”. It’s really cool to be able to eat broccoli and have some sugar (my wife is really happy about having someone to “eat desert with” as I NEVER would do it before). I still eat very well thanks to my wife’s care in cooking for our family, but it’s wonderful not to have to have such attention on food and just be able to enjoy it.

The other change is that I can enjoy it. For the last long while, food was very uninteresting and I wasn’t able to gain weight. But now I can eat like a pig (I’m constantly surprising my wife with the quantity I can put away) and the scale is continuing to go up.