Niceness of People

It really is amazing how nice people in general are. When you don’t feel well, you can start to get pretty pessimistic about things, but over the last couple weeks people’s generosity has really shined through and renewed my faith in mankind. Once I hit the hospital doors, people necessity to help really has kicked in. I had lots of people stop by the hospital. One night having an entire birthday party stop in on their way to the restaurant and staying for more than an hour. We’ve also had people stop by the house to help since I’ve been home and an online group that Chris is part of has decided that they are going to help us with some frozen dinners so that we don’t have to cook them.

I really appreciate all the help from everyone and it’s so nice to see humanity at its best in caring for each other. I only hope that I can return the favor when I get back to battery.

Prednisone and Marital Bliss

Over the past couple of years I have really learned what Prednisone can do to your relationships with people that you deal with a lot. I’ve always known that coming off the Prednisone makes me someone cranky and hard to be around for a few days while my body adjusts to the new level. I used to have to really watch myself when I came off it. But more recently, I haven’t prepped myself well enough, and I assume since my body has been so bad off nutritionally, I have had some really hard times coming off various levels. Coming off higher doses wasn’t so bad, but I had to make sure to warn my wife as I get really annoying and hard to deal with. And then there has been the last two times I have tried to come off the lower dosages and just collapsed into a weeping mess. Body-wise it didn’t cause much of a problem, but emotionally it wasn’t a pretty picture. So this taper, I guess I will have to give Chris fair warning about each dip and then when we get to the lower dosages make sure I go slow enough (and hopefully I will be in such better shape nutritionally) that I’ll be able to handle it with only being a slight ass.

Anyway, my wife deserves lots of credit for putting up with me through this. I’m pretty sure that if we didn’t have a little baby, I’d be divorced by now 🙂 Hopefully this is the last run like this and we’ll have and keep in under control until the end of time.

Positive Motion

These next many posts are going to be a bit random, but I wanted to get some things down and start blogging again, so here goes.

The first thing that I find very exciting is that I am up near my “pre-disaster” body weight. Prior to this whole body situation a couple of years ago, I used to hover around 130-135 no matter what. I could eat a ton or nothing and would still be the same. But over the past couple of years I have dropped dramatically. One time crossing below the 100 pound mark (not good for a guy almost 6 feet tall). And then I was only able to get up to 115. I haven’t been able to cross that no matter what.

Now I realize that I am on heavy meds and that some of the weight is water weight, but WHO CARES!! I am over 115 and back up to about 129/130. That’s very exciting to me. It’s very interesting to touch the back of my neck and actually feel some flesh there instead of just the bones (which I am so used to feeling over the past couple years).

It’s motion in the right direction. And I’m still able to eat like a horse, so maybe I’ll keep shoving the food in with the IV nutrition and get above and beyond to some new record weight. That would just make my day (probably a couple of them)!