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  • Personal Yardstick

    I was talking to a friend today about a job offer and he decided he would try to sum me up. He said he figured I was (and I’m paraphrasing) very competent, but that others probably thought more of my skills than I did and that self-promotion wasn’t my strongest area. Basically that I’m really […]

  • Rafting

    Wednesday night Chris informed me that I was going rafting on Friday. I had been waffling on whether I should go and she just pushed me over the edge. So off I went Thursday evening with some friends to meet up with some other friends and camp in Maupin before we went out on the […]

  • Writing Again

    Ok, it’s been a while since I have posted on this blog (or any blog for that matter). It’s funny how when things were really busy I could get to blogging, but when things slowed down a bit, I just couldn’t do it. Who knows? But here I am again. I have finished watching all […]

  • Not much cuter

    I don’t think there’s much cuter in the world than a little girl running towards you with her bulky diaper on and a big grin. It makes everything else worth it.

  • Parks–International and Universal

    I took Daphne to our local park this morning to play. She has just discovered swinging and has learned how to go up and down the slides on her own (so she doesn’t wear her poor old dad out carrying her from the bottom to the top a million times!) While we were there another […]

  • Words

    I little while I was having some fun looking at words and what they really mean or how they got named what they did. For example, “pancake” is just a pancake until you actually think about it, and then it really is a little cake that is made in a pan. This is especially true […]

  • Indiana Jones again

    I’m a big Indiana Jones fan. In fact my wife bought me the dvds years ago as a birthday present. But since we have a very active one year old, we haven’t really been able to go to the movies much over the past several months. But I wanted to see Indiana Jones on the […]

  • Father’s Day

    It’s fathers day. I’ve been around for a bunch of fathers days, but this is my first one as a dad (ok, last year I had a daughter too, but I was really sick so it doesn’t really count). Now that I have that perspective, I can really understand why this counts as a holiday […]

  • Surgery and new blog

    As many of you know, I had ulcerative colitis for many years and it really caused many problems. Recently I had a surgery, called a colectomy with ileostomy, which has handled the situation terminatedly. Anyway, I avoided doing this surgery for many years, and I don’t know that I would have done it any other […]

  • Women and Golf

    Yesterday I went golfing for the first time in a long time. Regardless of my golf game (I actually did pretty well considering my lack of practice), I was noticing the couple golfing behind us while I was waiting for the rest of my family to tee off. It was a husband and wife (though […]

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